Good Morning, Monday

Good Morning, Monday – and a very fine Monday you  are too. No rain! No wind! Sun! A great shame that I missed the better part of you through lying abed. Sunday night and your early hours were a great trial to me. Perhaps that Chicken Dopiaza was consumed just a little late in the day…

I would like to report that I am fit and able and eager for the fray but I fear that last night’s lack of sleep has set me back a notch or two. Yesterday’s visions of me as the energetic house frau, busy at Monday’s routine? No, it  is not going to transpire.

Sorry, Monday. Perhaps you and I can get together next week instead. I’m away to do a little gentle knitting (completing my handspun sock) and some minimal-time cooking (Penne Carbonara and salad) and then some more gentle knitting (which may be a new, comforting and nerve-soothing cast on)  while I catch up on this year’s Royal Institution Lectures. It’s mid-January already and I have neglected them too long.

In short, I have great plans for idleness. Today is a day for R&R. For complete and utter indolence.  (cf The Yarn Harlot’s recent post)

In a perfect world, there would be chocolate.

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