Gone in seconds

I made doughnuts at the weekend. Just simple ones – plain balls rolled in cinnamon sugar. They were snaffled before I could take a photograph!

We needed the brain food, we were working.

From 500g of flour I made sixteen small doughnuts (about 35g of dough) and fashioned the remaining dough into a Chelsea Bun type affair, using some snack fruits that I had to hand (raisins, cherries, cranberries, cape gooseberries IIRC) with honey, butter and ground cardamom.

My “fresh” yeast was three weeks old, but still worked perfectly.

Properly fresh yeast on tonight’s boat! I shall pick it up at Spinning Group on Tuesday morning. Plans for this week include some Fougasse, to eat with French Onion Soup, and another Flamiche-inspired lunch.

I enjoyed my sweet dough productions so much that I feel another batch would be in order. There will also be granary-type rolls, once the new flour arrives.

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