Going Loopy

Ever had one of those days when you are just certain that your marbles are well and truly lost?

I need some knitting for the ferry tomorrow. Something very simple that I can work on while chatting, and it needs to be very portable. I decided a little while ago that I would make another Mobius Cowl. I made one back at the beginning of 2010 and I love it.

The pattern requires a long circular needle with 8.0mm points.

Now, here’s the thing – I don’t seem to own such an item. Well, if I do, I cannot find it.  I do have 8mm points in an interchangeable kit that I do not use – the cables are short and very stiff indeed.  I am 100% certain that I would not have knit a mobius on those. Sadly the tips do not fit my KnitPro cables…

Yet I made that scarf already.


What with?

and where the heck is the needle now?

Hang on… Googlemail might come to the rescue.



Yes! I do own a set of 8mm tips!

I bought them from Alison at the end of 2009.

Where are they? I have no projects in the UFO pile on such fat needles and all my interchangeables are now logically and neatly stored in my new cabinet…

ARGH! This is driving me MAD

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