Getting on

The wind died down today and the sun made a valiant effort to show its face. Mr L took Nell outside and inflated the last of her footballs. They had fun while I tried to grab some decent FO shots of the Bitterroot.

What shots I got were not very good but I put them on the Haiti draw post anyway.

Today was a relaxed affair. Dinner came from the depths of the freezer (home made spicy lamb burgers – we had them with cous cous and a tomato sauce) so I have done little other than knit.

The Haruni has worked its way up to 485 stitches now. I’m still on straight needles but may have to transfer to a circular soon. 22 rows to go.

I’ve cast on for a Gail as well. My hands were cramping on the Haruni – the Gail is on fatter needles and with sock yarn. A respite project. I have 2 of 7 repeats done on that one.

That is all. It’s a long way past my bed time.