Further Flatbreads

I was busy this morning – lunch had to be ready an hour early today in order  to accommodate a conference call at 1pm. I needed to make soup, bread and a cake (for Spinning Group) by midday.

I checked the ‘fridge and found a family-size carton of mushrooms. Mushroom soup – what could be faster? I decided to go down the flatbread route again in order to quickly free the oven for cake-baking at a lower temperature.

Today I decided to try the Hemp Oil thing. I topped the breads with celery seed and a little salt. The breads were good but they lacked that nutty flavour that I had hoped for – the difference was not great enough, given the price of hemp oil, to warrant doing that again.

Anyway, the breads were good enough for six of them to disappear at lunch time, leaving just two for tea. I split and buttered them and filled them with good Cheddar Cheese and slices of Spanish Onion. To die for, I tell you, absolutely to die for. What finer food is there than a good cheese and onion sandwich? Let me save you the trouble of responding to that question. None.

The soup was nothing fancy – just my go-to basic cream of mushroom:

  • Sauté a small onion with as much garlic as you feel will enhance the soup – use either butter or olive oil, as suits you
  • Chuck in a load of chopped fresh mushrooms
  • and some soaked dried porcini
  • Stir it all about and allow it to mellow gently before tossing in a glug of dry sherry
  • Add vegetable stock and throw in some tarragon to taste
  • Simmer for a while
  • Blitz until smooth
  • Stir in cream or soured cream to taste
  • Season and reheat

Spinning Cake today was Nigella’s Storecupboard Chocolate Orange Cake but with Peach and Passion Fruit jam instead of marmalade and topped with the remaining Hazelnut and Orange Praline from last weekend’s torte.

Tomorrow’s lunch has been elected – Leek & Potato Soup with Cheese Scones. The scones are ready made and lurking in the freezer.

Mr L has requested more flatbreads soon and he wishes to dunk them in a dish of cheese baked in tomato sauce – he’s thinking back to the days of Frankie & Benny’s and the 4 cheese bake we used to enjoy there. Even when they reduced it to 3 cheeses, we still enjoyed it.  (I see that they still do Mama’s Cheese Bake) I have to go to town on Tuesday so I shall seek out some good cheeses for baking and also look for some nice fresh herbs, as they will make all the difference.

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