Full of Beans

Today lunch is organised such that there is no prep to do before we eat. I have beans and bacon baking in the oven, alongside some jacket potatoes. All we have to do is to get it out and eat it. That being so, should leave me sufficient time to ready myself to go out to spinning group. I shall not be spinning as I have not had time to prepare my wheel but I need to finish my knitting quickly anyway so will put the time to good use without my wheel. I’ll either continue with my little cowl (now nearing the mid point of the body) or I shall do some finishing on Warriston, it depends on what the light levels are like at the Heritage Centre. I’m picking up the needle tips that I need for the Hooded Cowl and may well enlist help in deciding on the yarn mix for that.

Last night saw more Internet shopping – this time I placed a wholefoods order, ensuring that I will have some of the more esoteric herbs and spices needed for our planned menus plus lots of seasonal baking goods such as ground almonds.

All that remains to concern me now are: fresh free range eggs, mushrooms, salad and fruit. I may get to town next week but that’s on the early side.

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