Friday just about finished me off

Yes, it is Friday. Yes, there are Finished Objects. What there  are not, are photographs of said objects. Can we save them until next week?

I should have been in town today but Mr L had concerns about the weather forecast  for this evening — gusts to 55mph from the SE. Rather than be stranded in town, he asked me to stay home just in case. There are dogs, cats and chooks to be considered.

Fair enough – but I always feel so guilty when the poor man is bounced around on the high seas in poor weather and then spends all day rushing around doing 8 weeks’ worth of shopping all on his own. I hate shopping and I am all too pleased not to be doing it personally but… there is the guilt. To help assuage it, I have been keeping myself busy and have been more than usually domesticated today. I sat down now an again, and at those times I worked on my Clapotis – the ends are now sewn in and most of the relevant stitches have been persuaded to drop. It should be ready for a soak and a stretch tomorrow.  I shall also wash and block the Norie hat.

I had hoped to cast on for the second Gördes sock today and knit away diligently. Alas, no time! I’ll start it tonight, probably — and it is the next candidate for completion. After I’ve grafted the Antalya hat that is. I’m still being scared at that prospect.

According to the AIS plotter here, the boat has berthed. My man will be home in 20 minutes or thereabouts. Got to go. I need to put the outside lights on to welcome my hero home and get ready to unload the car. There is home made soup, the bath water is heating, the fire is stoked, and there are fresh sheets on the bed. Let us hope that makes him feel sufficiently appreciated.

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