Francie, my dear, I don’t give a…

When the power goes off long term, it is essential to find ways of keeping warm. I try to stay active and perhaps use the time to catch up on housework – that generates some body heat. The thermal vest and long johns are deployed when  it is time to rest but I find that the key to staying warm all day is to have warm feet. The priority when the lights went out was thus to find some warm socks.  I delved, and I found my Francies.

Francie is a fabulous pattern, a really handsome and well-fitting sock. I don’t wear mine though. They came out a little large and  the Dream in Color [sic] Smooshy is a much heavier yarn that I like to wear on my feet. I hate thick socks, generally speaking. Smooshy is a gorgeous yarn and the colours are terrific. I just do not like Smooshy on my feet. My shoes do not fit comfortably on top of my Frankie socks and my feet become far too hot under normal circumstances.

BUT… what a treat they were in the storm. Soft, cushy, warm… and fitting nicely inside my over-sized Crocs, themselves very warm in wear. I was snug as the proverbial bug – and gave not a damn about the cold, the wind, and the wet. Result!

The funny thing is, I now find myself wanting to knit more Smooshy socks 🙂

I’d rather like another pair of Francies too,  only smaller, everyday wear Francies. Maybe in Toddy.

The hats are washed. I think writing this post must be a displacement activity – putting off  the evil hour. I am not fond of toe-up sock construction. Not fond at all… but these are man socks and I have but 328 yards to play with. It has to be toe-up!

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