Forward momentum

Hugo is finished, washed and laid out to dry.  It may be two or three days before it’s dry enough to wear. I’m very happy that although I wimped out on the Hand Wash Wool cycle, the poncho did survive a Slow Spin.

It was amazing how much muck came out in the wash.

I think the poncho is going to feel beautifully soft to wear. I have just unpinned it and flipped it over to give the other side a chance of an airing and it’s feeling lovely already.

Although mightily enthused by a couple of designs in the new Wool People yesterday, I did manage to fight off the urge to find yarn for one of them. I took out my lovely yellow doily instead and made progress on that, although I also wound a cake of  handspun yarn and cast on for one of Hunter Hammerson’s new Curls. The doily had several rounds added, the Curl however got only as far as having the pattern set. There’s no hurry.

Overall, what with being determined to lose weight and all, it seemed fruitless to knit garments at this time. The Rivulet is at the bust-fitting stage and there’s no point in fitting it to mammoth mammaries when in 12 months time they should be… well… somewhat less mammoth. The same argument applies to Bracondale and Woodfords in Wool People 8: I have no idea how successful this diet is going to be and therefore cannot begin to guess which size that I need to knit.

For now it makes more sense to knit non-fitting items such as doilies, scarves and wraps, though a kimono-style jacket might be a fun idea: fit-me-now AND fit-me-later. I have long wanted to knit the Kimono of Many Colours from Cherry Tree Hill, though the cost is very off-putting. If I could find ten pretty skeins of assorted sock yarn from the one manufacturer that I could afford to use…

Well, wishing will not help. For now perhaps I work on non-fitted items such as Curls (I want to knit them ALL. At the same time!) and concentrate on spinning some yarn for garments to fit a svelter me later on. My spillchucker does not like “svelter” – is it not a word? “A more svelte me” sounds a bit poncy though. You KNOW what I mean anyway.

Having mentioned the diet thing, I’ll quietly comment that I am around the cusp of a milestone. I have reached the weight that I was at this time last year. I put on 3 or 4 kilos over the winter and was unable to shift them. I now see them gone, if I weigh the morning after a fast. However, I anticipate seeing the magic weight appear on the scales at a proper weigh-in this weekend, on a morning that does not follow a fast.

Yes, from here on, it’s proper forward progress.

I need that thought as I am less than two weeks into a regime that I expect to last for over a year and I already feel as though it has been forever. I don’t mean in a bad way forever – it’s more of a so much has happened/changed forever. Does that make sense?

Mr L is having a far harder time than am I. He’s been sleeping badly and now has a muscle strain. I did suggest on more than one occasion that he was launching into the treadmill too hard and should build up more slowly.

I think he is not the only one to hit the mill too hard last week. I found myself tired this week and have done very little exercise. An accidental sleep-in has me feeling better this morning so I hope to get some miles under my belt this afternoon. I shall be learning from Mr L’s experience and doing some proper stretches.

Mr L wanted to go away in Brunhilde this weekend. I confessed to being less than enthusiastic and he has given way – but that was not my intent. I was quite prepared to go – I just wasn’t excited at the prospect. Anyway, we’re not going now. Our playing together plan now includes the baking of Bagels. I must buy cream cheese, smoked salmon and rocket when I shop.

Bagels are on my Baking Bucket List, which has been neglected for a while, so I am happy about this plan.

Hang on, I’ve had a thought. Garnstudio: Drops Delight should furnish enough colours and approach affordable levels for a kimono jacket.

Also – a flaw in my logic on what to knit next. I have an almost complete sweater in the UFOs – this I should knit next; knit NOW and can be wearing whilst I reduce. If I pick it up later, it’s not going to be much use to me.  It’s this one. It promises to be lovely and is so close to the end, it’s just the task of unpicking the sleeve and beginning again that puts me off. Perhaps I should put all else away and simply steel myself to the job. That’s if I can find it.

I shall look it out this afternoon and evaluate the scale of the thing.

It’s a bummer, being good, isn’t it?

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