FO: Moss on my Shoulders

Woolgatherers will know that I have been honoured to be selected by Rosemary (Romi) Hill as one of her test knitters. The Merope Shawl, recently completed, was my first test knit for Romi – this little sock weight shoulder shawl is my second. I made mine in Posh Yarn’s Elinor yarn and I added some size 6/0 beads from my bead stash.

Rear view
  • Cast on Date: 20 June, 2010
  • Cast on: provisional – a special motif construction
  • Pattern: Maia Shoulderette by Rosemary Hill
  • Pattern Price: $6.50 (or $20.00  for ebook of 7 shawls plus extras)
  • Yarn: Posh – Elinor
    • Quality: 100% Merino sock yarn
    • Weight: 4ply
    • Length: 430 yards
    • Amount: 107 gms
    • Cost:£14.20
    • Colour: Bed of Moss
  • Needles: 3.75mm Signature straight stiletto points
  • Pattern Repeats:As written
  • Size: One size (with chart extension to use up yarn if required)
  • Blocked: Yes, not hard
  • Finished Size: 36″ diameter
  • Cast Off: lace
  • Cast Off Date: 23 June, 2010
  • Ravelry Project: Moss on my Shoulders

This is a fabulous pattern and really a lot of fun to knit. It is also fast. I took 3 days, and much of that time was spent in analysing problems with the pattern and feeding them back to Romi – so that you may have a problem-free knitting experience. Am I not kind? 🙂

The yarn was delicious – soft, warm, a nd bouncy with plenty of stitch definition for the textured ribbing.

I stuck to the straight and narrow

The shawl is a shaped one, and sits very happily on the shoulders without slipping off. I’d call it a shield-shape, I think. It’s less than a full circle – but way more than a crescent. Nonetheless, I stuck to my straight needles (14″)  and managed to pull the trick off.

Unblocked, about 24" wide
Blocked, to 36" across

I had masses of yarn but wanted to knit the pattern exactly as written – I therefore used just over one skein of yarn. The pattern calls for 450-490 yards; I only used about 430 yards of a 400 yards to the 100g skein yarn. Plenty left, therefore, to test knit the matching fingerless gloves that Romi is currently designing. Watch this space!

Beaded - I selected one shade from a bead mix that I had already to hand

Another reason that I did not extend the shawl with the final chart was that I don’t like beading, and was concerned that I would not have enough beads to finish the shawl off  nicely anyway.

Probably my favourite shawl to date

I love Maia – I think that she is truly beautiful, and just a little bit unusual. She would make the perfect finish to an understated little black dress for dinner, theatre, or party. I want to make a black one actually, and bead it with jet or haematite. Just find me a nice hand-dyed sock yarn in a black with lots of movement in it. Or perhaps a raven shade? Yes, that would be wonderful.

Knitted as a test knit for Romi and also as part of the 10 Shawls in 2010 and the Colourmart Lovers competition.

I think that I shall be keeping this one.

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  1. Susan aka paintermom
    July 31, 2010

    This is gorgeous! When will the pattern be out?

    If you are looking for a nice yarn to knit lace in black, I recommend Dream in Color Starry (the kind spun with bits of silver in it.) It is fingering weight but knit into a beautiful shawl with beads. It is not yet on my ravelry page, as I have not yet blocked it.

    You are an inspiration!

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