FO: Mingus by CookieA

I do love a Cookie.A sock, but my, they can take some knitting time! These Mingus socks began life in August 2008… and came to fruition this week.

To be fair, I think I did not have my full set of sock knitting skills at the time that I began them. I do recall that I found it heavy going and very fiddly — I was using five short Brittany Birch DPNS, which I did love and which did make the pattern easier, with one section per needle. However, when I began them again I found I was missing a needle and I swapped to Magic Looping. It would appear that my ML skills are now so developed that I was left wondering why on earth the socks had languished for so long. There was nothing difficult at all about these socks!

(Don’t look at the asymmetrical and odd toes. Knitted to fit my feet, which are odd indeed. Both ill-assorted and peculiar.)

Yes, the chart needs close attention. Perhaps the method that I have developed in sitting at my computer and moving a marker line up the chart on screen make life easier than using paper and Post-its as I was previously. Whatever, the set of skills is now such that knitting the socks was a breeze in the end. All the same, it’s not a feat that I would attempt on the ferry…

When I picked up these socks I had one repeat done in the first leg, so the socks are mainly alike. The second one is cast on better but the knitting of the pattern in the leg is indiscernible from the second example. It would appear that I am a very consistent knitter, whether on five needles or one circular.

Pattern: Mingus by Cookie.A

Yarn: Bonny from The Yarn Yard in Rockpool

Notes: 64 stitch sock. Size knitted: M

Ravelry Project: Mingus

Ravelry Design Page: Mingus Sock

Ravelry Project Gallery: 213 examples

Purchase Pattern: $6 from CookieA

Now, I need to find my unfinished Pomatomus socks and perform the same magic finishing trick on them! Once they are done I can think about starting some new Cookie socks, such as Ellington, perhaps — but are they maybe just a little too similar to the current sock project, Gördes?

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