FO: Man Sweater

This project took a long time to come to fruition, though the actual knitting was very fast. Enjoyable knit, I would make it again. Mr L loves it. I gave him the sweater to try on for size as I finished seaming it. It took a long time to get it back from him for washing.

I love the detail on this garment – the way that the rib is defined by a garter stitch row, etc.

Less enamoured of the yarn. I think this sweater will not have  a long life. I may need to patch the elbows as a precaution. Pilling is evident already. On the plus side, the sweater washed up beautifully soft and fluid and with no sign of shrinkage. In fact, the sweater grew a little with washing. I have ten balls left to play with.

Very difficult to photograph, for some reason. Main photo is pre-washing.

Knitting Pattern Guy!
Knitting Pattern Guy!