FO: Gördes Socks

The Gördes Socks are my first knit from the Silk Road Socks book by Hunter Hammersen.

Gördes is definitely my favourite sock in the book, so I was delighted to find that it was one of the first two designs nominated for the KAL that goes with the book.

I don’t yet have any good photographs of the finished socks, but these can do for now.

Pattern: Gördes by Hunter Hammersen, from Silk Road Socks

Yarn: Helios Merino/Silk from Violet Green, in Orion

Notes: 64 stitch sock on  2.5mm needles
Knitted as written, apart from the end of Chart C.
71g used – about 250 metres/270 yards

Gördes was an absorbing knit. Four charts required complete concentration from the outset. The knitting is not difficult, just requires attention.

Not a fast knit by any means and there is no respite — no standard rib cuff, or plain heels here. A joy to knit, though — and I love the heel in particular. There is detail everywhere in these socks and I love them to bits.

The yarn is very nice, and a wondrous colour (though a pig to photograph!). It did not take well to being tinked and was also apt to run wildly when a stitch was dropped. The finished result was well worth the hassle however.

All those sinuous cables make this sock a little skimpy for my ankle, but I am pleased to report that they are wearable and I do not have to give them away. Hurrah!

I added a few repeats of Rows 1 and 2 of Chart C to reach a proper length for my foot before beginning on the toes. I have seen an adaptation of the pattern where the lines are continued down to the end of the toe — this looks good, but I prefer a plain stocking stitch toe for comfort so I kept mine that way.

I would certainly make these socks again. Next time, I would add in a few purl stitches in the leg between the two horizontal chart repeats, and I’d do an extra lengthways repeat. This time around I was concerned about how much yarn I had to play with – the Helios only has 350 metres. The foot is a good fit.

I’ll try to come up with some better photographs soon

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