FO: Autumn Light – Aestlight Shawl

Not my first Aestlight by any means. I just love this pattern as it provides an eminently wearable neck warmer for everyday use. The garter stitch drape menas that it wraps around just beautifully.

This is my fifth Aestlight – the fourth awaits some yarn spinning before it can be completed. This one sprang to life as a teaching example.

Pattern: Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston

Yarn: ColourMart 100% Super Fine Geelong 3/14NM Fingering Weight (4 shades of green and russets)

Notes: Small size, made as written apart from the colour changes

Autumn Light Ravelry Project

There is another Shetland Trader shawl on my needles this afternoon – Simmer Dim. Just for dipping into. It will be a while before it becomes an FO, I think but I will try hard to remember to show it to you as a WIP next week.