Flying the European Flag: (December RefLections 28)

the 28th December Reflections prompt is another one to offer me a challenge: My Wish for 2020

What do I wish for? Do I even have any wishes? I am pretty contented with my lot in life and I feel fulfilled.

May I settle for simply wishing for more of the same? I like my life just the way that it is and cannot think of any way in which it might be bettered.

A non-personal wish would be for the UK to get its collective act together and Revoke Article 50, thereby putting an end to the current Brexit lunacy. I see no point in making that wish as it is not going to happen; there are too many deluded or self-interested people invested in the process. It is a sorry thing to watch however and a great sadness.

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One, two, three…

One, two, three…

We are now well into our third week of confinement. Things appear to be going well for us and the time is passing very quickly, It should get even better now that the weather is set to pick up again.  We are now fully confident that we have not brought any nasty bugs home with us from Provence and so I am no longer trying to completely avoid everybody by walking Nell at a timeContinue readingOne, two, three…



How do I choose? There is so very much that I could be doing. I am suffering from Opportunity Paralysis! … Continue readingComforting

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