Well, it took me until 12:00 but the mohair/merino tops are all spun and plyed (at last.) There was far more on these last two bobbins that I had thought, it went on and on and on and on and on. It’s resting now before I skein it – I shall be interested to get the yardage.

I used this spin to get over the fear of plying; as a chronic under-plyer, due to my constant fear of over overdoing it. I must say that I am very pleased with whole yards of it. It looks like something you could really knit with, in places. Almost professional in some places! I’m not sure that I have achieved a tight enough ply for socks yet, but I might try a pair anyway.

During the course of this spin I do seem to have perfected my plying technique. I am sure it is not a perfect technique per se, or even a recognised one, but I have perfected my technique to a standard whereby I can ply for ages, in a relaxed fashion, and achieve something like consistency. That will do for me. It is good not to be in a constant tangle, I must say.

I was talking to Mr L about my need for a tensioned Lazy Kate – he offered to get me one for my birthday but I declined. II don’t want to invest any more money in spinning until I can sort out the pains in my hands. If it’s an RSI I shall have to give up spinning. I am hoping it’s a tension thing and that I can improve as a spinner until I can work in a more relaxed fashion. Hopefully the pains will then disappear as if by magic.

Next on t he wheel: Deep Fried Vegis, I think. Suitably Earth-coloured…

No needles in the mail – just my pack from The Professor’s Journal people. The journal itself is a very nice thing.

The sun has come out. Perhaps I can tinker with my sock heel in the garden after lunch.