Fat lot of use you lot are

Well, I waited. I waited and I waited. Alas, nobody applied the sole of their foot to  the seat of my pants. I decided in the end that I would have to galvanise myself. So, I set to and wrote almost all of the sock article – it still needs photographs taking and a few finishing tweaks to the text, but it should be published this weekend. Once that was drafted, I cooked a couple of pork chops and some roasties for lunch. That almost did for me, I can tell you. After lunch, I finished the Norby hat. It awaits tassels, though I am not certain that it will get them. Like the Norie, it has come out a little on the large side.

An Amazon order arrived this morning. After I finished the Norby I flicked through the books for a while. One of the books is the Brioche book. I am enthused and eager to learn. For now, I am fighting the challenge off.

What to do next? Some hexapuffs? The Senneh Sock? The Handspun sock? The commissions? Work on the Windswept Shawl?

I am finding it difficult to work up the energy to rake through the UFO basket or look for needles and Senneh is sitting very conveniently on my desk, so I think that it may be no contest. Then again, I may go for an early night with the new books…

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