Fast Food

It’s a Fast day today so I am cooking some Fast Fast Food.  🙂

I recently served up a Prawn Stir fry for Fast lunch. It was huge and very satisfying and still came in under 500 cals.  I’m out of prawns now as I have not been to town since well before Christmas. I do have one pair of chicken breasts remaining and so I shall cook those..

It turns out that there are way more calories in chicken than in prawns, so today’s stir fry has less of the good stuff in and I have actually been playing a spreadsheet balancing act with an array of vegetable possibilities in order to optimise taste appeal, colour, texture, nutrition and overall calorie count.

It’s madness. What a lot of work for a five-minute cooking job and 500 calories each.

The 5:2 (or rather, 4:3) regime is still going well. The first full stone has been shed (hurrah!) and old clothes have been brought back into service. I swear that I have lost at least one chin and this is borne out by the fact that I am now wearing my old t-shirts again. I had stopped wearing t-shirts when they became uncomfortable around my neck, making me feel choked.

On the down side, I am finding that I become very cold at night on Fast days. Even my Jitterbug yarn bedsocks are not helping. I don’t sleep well either. My brain is a bit too whizzy fast. I think that the cold is obviously due to not having the waste heat available to my core from digesting food.  Presumably the blood is not being drawn away from my brain by the stomach as it has no work to do.

The answer to both problems would be to move our meal later in the day but neither of us cares much for eating in the evenings and we prefer to get our calories at midday. We are going to try a habit of taking a hot soak late-ish on, followed by an immediate bedtime and perhaps when I get to town, a packet of Valerian tablets on the bedside table.

I’m not getting as much exercise done as I ought, nor as much as I should like. It’s the wrong time of year I think to be fully motivated into activity. Really there has been so little activity that it is not yet worth sharing any stats. I have just worked out however that I have three exercise goals within sight and even within reach if I dedicate myself and work hard until the end of this coming weekend. That may be motivation enough.

Shall I undertake to make it happen? Can I top a cumulative 2500 ascent, 100 Kilometres distance and a 7500 calorie burn by the time that I check in on Monday with a full progress report.

Shall we see?

I shall start by putting in half an hour and 2 kilometres before I warm up the wok.

In Other News, I have a severe case of Yarn Lust and some Swirly thinking. Perhaps it is as well that I am shortly to receive a cash injection…

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