Falling by the wayside once again

A phone call at lunchtime from Gill at The Woolly Workshop – I had asked if she would be getting more of the Manos del Uruguay yarn in, as I fancied a matching hat. It’s in and she set 2 skeins aside for me. So I thought I had better continue the search for a pattern to modify…

I sat at my PC and found that email service is returned to me. Hurrah! (See, it wasn’t my password – just like I told ’em!) and at the top of my mail box, my copy of Knitting Daily, with the Koolhaas hat pattern featured… I am such a sucker!

Here endeth the search for a pattern to modify. I shall have a hat in matching colour, but not in pattern and  texture.

It’s a one skein hat and although the Manos del Uruguay is on the heavy side, there is a Ravelry user who has got a Koolhaas out of one skein. I think the hat is intended for something like DK, whereas the Manos is more like Aran, but it’s a close-ish thing, I reckon and can be handled with needle size – BUT the hat needs 164 yards and the Manos offers 138 yards of thicker yarn… AND I have a large head circumference (quiet in the back row, please!) So, it looks like an expensive hat. I can always get the extra length that I wanted for the scarf from the leftovers, though.

Anyway – it’s a woolly thumbs up to The Woolly Workshop for excellent service, I say.

The Sea Fever scarf was much admired last night at Craft Club, as were the colours in my Vibrotis. I had the piece up to the end of the increases, and planned to get a good section of the main body done last night. Of course I managed only a handful of rows, but did fit some more in this morning while waiting for my morning appointment to turn up. I have just about finished the first of four (three?) skeins. It is now time to return to the Green ‘n Growlly socks, I think – but first things first, I have about a week of backlogged mail to catch up on, and thoughts to put together for another new website I seem to have agreed to write.

I also need to source some tatting shuttles for our January meeting of the Craft Club. If any readers can point me to any good tatting resources on the web, I would be most grateful.

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