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The alternate days soups regime is still going well. Yesterday I tried a new-to-me soup that I had not considered before. I had bought a beautiful fresh locally-grown white turnip at the weekend and elected to use that. Essentially, I used the recipe here: Tales of a Kitchen: Onion and Turnip Soup but in my usual way eschewed careful measurement and researched other recipes for thoughtful tweaks. I blitzed the soup with a lump of butter, to achieve a beautiful finish and the soup was delicious – the tip to sprinkle with lemon juice and chilli flakes is a good one. I’d use the lemon again, it makes a wonderful counterpoint, but do not believe the chilli flakes add anything at all.

Definitely one for the repertoire.

We had ours with the remainder of the cheese-topped flatbreads. I’d say that cheese is not a perfect companion, but Mr L thought it was wonderful.

I have been out to the Post Office with my Sanday Spinners post and am now ready to get stuck in to my day (Feeling much better today, I must say). Today is a veggie (Quorn)  Shepherd’s Pie day – I am topping it with Clapshot in place of plain mash. I hope to get some bread-baking in today too, as the freezer is now emptied of past efforts.

One interesting thing – a while back I was keeping a sourdough starter but I stopped because Mr L said that he does not like the bread that it makes. So insistent was he that my last beautiful sourdough loaf was consigned to the freezer without being touched. Well, it was the last loaf out and we toasted it last night: “Mmm, I really like this bread” he said.

Men! They can be infuriating, can’t they?

I have no fresh yeast so today I am thawing out some that I had stored in the freezer. I have never done this before. It seems to work for some people and not for others, so wish me luck. The weather merits switching the Rayburn on and I hope to have a lovely warm environment for today’s efforts. Not sure what I shall make but I would like to include a milk loaf in the session. Maybe I’ll just go with the flow and do what comes naturally, rather than planning the session.

…and as I wrote that, Mr L came to tell me he has meetings at 13:00 and 14:00 today – this means that I need to crack on with an early lunch and there’s really no time to think about a big baking session. Maybe tomorrow. For today I’ll just get a loaf in for our tea. Time I was not here.


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