Educating the young

I was up at our island’s Community School yesterday afternoon – my friend Gill and I are helping out with an after-school knitting group.  It has been going for a few weeks now and the kids (Senior 1 & 2) are now able to talk and Knit at the same time (after yesterday, they can Purl too, but that’s a different story) so conversation is now possible. We chatted about their very recent trip to France: How was the food? Disgusting! We had Baguette every day.

The conversation turned to bread. One of our community is baking bread for sale and has a small bread round. It is a great service. Store bread, by the time that it gets here, is already stale before we buy it. Many people either make their own or bring bread back from Kirkwall to freeze.

Young Knitter 1, to Young Knitter 2: Your dad’s bread is gorgeous

Young Knitter 2: I wouldn’t know, I never get to eat it, he doesn’t have time to make any for me and I get the shop bread.

Young Knitter 1: (shrugging) bread is bread is bread

Rest of room: oh, no it isn’t!

Young Knitter 2: I have to go in the car when he delivers it and he makes me carry it on my lap and it smells wonderful. Wish I could have some.

Me to Young Knitter 2: You know what? You will just have to make some of your own.

Young Knitter 2: I don’t have time

Gill to Young Knitter 2: Bread doesn’t take a lot of your time, you just go away and do other things while it’s getting on with it

I foresee an After School baking group! Now that is something I would really enjoy being involved in.

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