Dumpling Disaahstaah Daaahling

4 out of 10

No kidding, it was so bad that even Mr L ate only half of his slice before rejecting the remainder.

A lumpen thing
A lumpen thing

A truly memorable kitchen disaster and perhaps my worst in a long culinary life.

Oooh, DENSE!
Oooh, DENSE!

It kind of tasted OK, though I have had better, but was heavy and solid and kind of damp… very reminiscent of bread pudding.

Perhaps the mix was too wet
Perhaps the mix was too wet

Best not to dwell on it, but to move swiftly onward to experiment no 2. I am going to try Hazel McFadzean’s recipe next. This will happen just as soon as I have the required quantity of breadcrumbs.

Some things for me to remember next time:

  • Wring the scalded cloth out as far as possible
  • use a flat cloth
  • when the recipe says to dust the cloth liberally, it doesn’t mean to go mad with the raw flour, you know? Maybe it means more LibDem than Liberal in fact.
  • tie the package up tighter
  • bring the water back to the boil before adding the pudding

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