Snail mail today from the land of oz. A letter plus a postcard, both from Rosie.

I am having a wonderful afternoon – spinning at my wheel, with a good movie (Honeydripper) on the iplayer. Another hour or so should see the first quarter of my roving spun. I may have the first skein completed by the weekend, which would put me well on schedule for having the wheel cleared for the Tour. I still marvel at how much faster woollen spinning is than worsted-style spinning.

DH’s bonus arrived today. We have decided to spend it on new doors and a window. It’s going to hurt to see it all vanish at once but I cannot begin to say how much I am going to appreciate being able to work in the utility room in the winter without a F10 coming through the gaps! It will be good to have an opening window in the kitchen again, too – not to mention being able to come and go through the front door once more.

Oddly, I am quite excited by the thought of home improvement, for once.

Lots to do – I’m going to Kirkwall on Thursday, and  that leaves me with a short week in which to achieve everything that needs to be done.

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