Doiley Cart

In pursuit of enlightenment on the crochet thread front, and the eventual production of a real live doiley, I have been shopping at eBay. Today my example of a 20’s (is this the same as #20?) thread arrived. It’s a creamy shade of Lesür Pixie 20’s 100% cotton. 20gms but no indication of length, unfortunately.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?

Yes, I want to start searching for wee DPNs  and cast on immediately. However, Friday sees the start of the Evenstar mystery KAL and I want to complete Flutter before then, and also make a large dent in my Citron.

As it is, I can’t see me casting on the Evenstar before Sunday. The bright lights of Kirkwall beckon and we  are away for the day to do our periodic mammoth shopping session on Friday. On Saturday we are entertaining (while we have some fresh goodies from town) SpinningGill and her DH to a “pub night” – yes, we are dusting off the bar billiard table and the dart board, and cracking open the home brew.

Today is beautiful: the promise of Spring is still hanging around. There are birds everywhere, doing busy birdy things, and the sun is shining. There’s no wind and the sea is flat calm. It would be a fabulous day to do the FO photographs on my newest shawl, the Brandywine – but it hasn’t dried yet. We must wait. Probably tomorrow it will be raining. *sigh*

Now, about this doiley… there’s a free Niebling pattern, smaller and less complex-looking than the Frosted Ferns: Ranunkel. Just 39 rounds. What do you think?

My problem now is to decode “A medium weight crochet thread” and maybe nip back to eBay. What do you think is medium – 40’s? 30’s?


    • February 10, 2010

      Thank you, Jenny.

      Ranunkel is further down the list on the same site and is actually much larger than the snowflake one

      “Diameter and Materials Required:
      7.6” (19 cm) using fine sewing silk, and knitting needles US Size 5-0 (1.00 mm)
      9.6” (24 cm) using medium weight crochet thread, and knitting needles US Size 1.5 (2.5 mm)”

      I’m happy to go smaller on the needles and try 2mm or 1.5mm so I think I want a medium fine weight, perhaps. I’ll try the 20’s that came today and see what happens. Not today though – I have Flutter to complete and am all of a flutter myself, not the best day to start fine work when I’ve not slept properly for days. I’m all ga-ga.

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