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Social networking has killed the Blog. It makes readers lazy – they just hit a button and move on. Blogs  should be a place of discourse and exchange.

So, PLEASE, don’t (just) Like me – leave a comment. Talk to me, I’d like to get to know you.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
think I’ll go eat worms…
big fat juicy ones, little slimy skinny ones,
hope they don’t have germs!”

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A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

I am lagging on the Month in the Country prompts, and lagging badly at that. I have a list of prompts t be caught up on and I shall be working my way through them here, or at Scattered Thoughts depending on where the post most naturally sits. I have elected to tackle the prompts not in date order necessarily but to seize upon prompts that offer me space in which to write down the things that I am feeling the need to say. Even if I need to crowbar it in. The thing is, I am going to continue to be short of time and space in which to write and so a two-for-one is useful and I hope to do as many of those as I can. Seems like a plan? … Continue readingA Month in France: Nothing is Lost

Oh, deer

Oh, deer

Nell and I had a lovely walk this morning. The weather has cooled considerably and there was a very pleasant breeze. We both made better time than of late. … Continue readingOh, deer

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  1. March 1, 2013

    You are right. People do not comment enough. We know each other by our blogs, but we do not communicate. So, Daily Dilly Dally, I shake your hand and ask, “How are you today?”

    • March 1, 2013

      I am very well, thank you. And how are you?

  2. March 1, 2013

    Sometimes I read something and just have nothing to say about it. I feel I’d be making a comment for the sake of it. I click Like to show the author that I read it and did in fact like it.

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