Done, perhaps not dusted

That’s my assignment uploaded for marking. It’s not finished and it has not been polished. I just could not look at it one more time. Mr L went walking to Dalbeattie today in order to let me get on, as the cut-off date is tomorrow. I sat down and gave it my best shot but found it impossible to order my thoughts – to the extent that I cannot even tell if I answered the question rather than some made-up one. I am close to giving up and withdrawing, calling this a false start and beginning again next year BUT that would mean meeting with Cézanne again! Could I really face that? And would I have to pay the grant money back?

Whilst I am deciding, it is onward and upwards with Stalin – though not before I dedicate a day or two to keeping the old man company.

On the subject of the old man, his antibiotics appear to be taking effect already. The rash has stopped growing and even appears to be fading. No further symptoms have appeared unless a shooting pain in the leg counts… personally I put that down to recent over-exercise.



  1. spinninggill
    November 3, 2016

    Keep at it – you can do it! 🙂
    Glad Mr L is feeling better.

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