I am completely fuddled this week and not at all sure what day it is. Currently attempting to figure out whether it is Thursday or Friday. It cannot be Saturday yet, as Mr L is at his desk today.

Getting back into the swing of things today, but still feeling extraordinarily tired.

Having asked Mr L on Tuesday what he needed from Tesco (Answer: “nothing“) he is now complaining that we are out of breakfast cereal. First thing this morning, I made a batch of Granola-type cereal and a litre of yoghourt.  There is bread rising too, so tomorrow morning he should be spoiled for choice. The laundry is on and lunch is planned (a smoked haddock chowder-type soup) – and through it all I felt those two bobbins of singles calling to me. I am fighting it! I shall keep working until lunchtime and this afternoon I shall ply. Perhaps to an audio book.

Another photograph from Tuesday?



One of the less foggy parts of Orkney.

I’m awa’ to find a piece of haddock now. What are you up to this fine day?

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