Decision Point

The Petra-fied Hand Warmers are up to the decision point. Short fingers, or no fingers? I am leaning towards adding the fingers, just to see what it is like (never having done any kind of glove before). I asked Mr L last night, he thinks fingers too. So, I put my knitting away and read a book in bed. I figured that tackling fingers would be best done in the clear light of day and after my migraine has left me.

The headache is still here today, though – sufficient to make me balk at the notion of craft club tonight. Let’s hope that the thing lifts before the day is out. I shall help it along by taking my day quietly. The rubbish is out, and that, I feel, is my work load for today completed. Sadly, it’s a rather grey day and not offering the bright light that I was hoping for. My head thanks the weather gods for this, but my knitting does not.

On the matter of the Slippery Socks? I think that I need to knit some speedy plain socks now, just to remind myself that I am competent to produce a pair of socks quickly. There has been too much SSS and deferral since I completed the Hedera socks. I need a win. So, the Arizona is going to be a plain sock. I did love the way that it looked in the stocking stitch of the Slippery Sock, so I think I’ll just go for the boring sock approach and let the yarn do the impressing. I may start them tonight at Craft Club, if the mitt fingers seem too fiddly to be doing in company.