Now I really am in trouble… (DECEMBER REFLECTIONS 7)

Today’s December reflections prompt is: Favourite Photo of 2019

Of course, I don’t have access to many of this year’s photos (of my own). I have moved what I had on my laptop onto the server at home. Most of this year’s output has been taken on our travels and I have yet to review, catalogue and edit. I have vast holes in my Blipfoto records – which might otherwise been my go-to.

But the prompt doesn’t say anything about it being one of my own shots, does it? On the other hand, sharing another’s work requires contact and requesting permission and I am here trying to catch up – not to delay matters further.

I had a look through those images that have made it online this year and have picked this one from January 1st.

Strong light and deep shadows.

It was taken in Sagres, where we are currently located so that seems nicely circular and to sum up the year, doesn’t it? I don’t think it is my best shot but it is certainly one that I like. (Not B&W!)

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