December Reflections 3: Best Day of 2020

Unlike many, I have no sense of 2020 having been an awful year for me. I have not struggled with either Lockdown v1.0 or Lockdown v2.0. True, we had two very nasty viruses at the start of the year, one of which might actually have been Covid-19. Also true that our travels, when permitted have been fraught.

t balance all that, we have travelled; we have seen new places and revisited old one, we have eaten well, there has been sunshine, and I have seen the sea.

Looking back through my photographs to find a trigger or prompt I have been unable to find a day that stands out in my mind as “The Best Day”. Our best visits have been to familiar places so there is no sense of “new and exciting” to enhance the memory of a good day,

Overall I would say that we have had pretty much 50/50 good days and run-of-the-mill days, with a handful of really, really bad days thrown in for balance.

But nothing stands out.

I have chosen to recall our revisit to Turckheim. It’s a charming town.

We were there on the first day that the campsite reopened after lockdown v1.0 and virtually had the site to ourselves.

Splendid isolation on what is normally a packed site

So, that was good.

I got close up and personal with some of the local Storks – quite a treat. Two of them approached me as I was sitting outside the van.

Fearless! (and HUGE)

The weather was hot and sunny – good again, perhaps a bit too good for us to fully enjoy our walk up the hill. We shopped until we dropped at the Staub outlet and that was excellent!

At those prices, and with our name on it, how could we not treat ourselves to some decent cutlery…

…and immediately toss the rubbish out!

And then we dined at the same restaurant that we had visited previously and we had a very good meal.

I became very excited about the lamb, undoubtedly t he best that I have had in France

It was undoubtedly a good day but I think that other years have provided bigger highlights. We must try to do better in 2021!

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