December Reflections 29: Hope for The world

I am not going to bang on about viruses, epidemics and vaccines. I’m not even going to bang on about Global Warming and ecological disasters.

2002 has taught me that our world is full of all sorts of people and that far too many of them are conspiracy theorists, right wing bigots, emotionally or morally bankrupt, or simply undereducated or ill-informed… or worse.

My hope for the world is that we can one day move to become a more equitable society and learn to show tolerance and love for every other being on this benighted planet of ours.

We were in Vilanova de Milfontes in January 2002, with no concept of what lay before us this year. I really enjoyed this statue:

The ‘Archangel’ by Aureliano de Aguiar

The statue “symbolizes a cry, an alert to the planet that melts, as an ecological appeal.”

I am well aware that our collective consciousness needs to return to this subject and it feels a little strange to be thinking that it is not the immediate concern.

Whatever happens regarding the pandemic and whatever happens to our planet, it is in our coming together as Human Beings, our cooperation and mutual support that will see us through – not political divides, the erecting of borders and barriers, or the breaking of established partnerships and ludicrous ideas of “sovereignty”.

We need each other. Now and always.

One Planet, One People.

That’s a hope that I have lived with for as long as I can remember. It never changes.

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