December reflections 26: Slippers

Ah, slippers. I don’t own any but I really could do with some. In fact I should like two pairs – one for use in the van and one for the house, where we have cold stone-flagged floors.

I have been a barefoot girl all of my life so this desire for slippers is a little unusual, to say the least.

I did knit some beautiful little slipperette things once.

Mama Janes in
Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend

I also knitted, for my DH, some thrummed slipper socks using handspun yarn.

thrumming along nicely

For a while, I wanted some Mahabis. Simple wool felt slippers, with detachable soles and a clever heel that folded down for use as a slip-on mule style. They seemed perfect for van life. I might wear them without the soles indoors, to keep my toes warm in frigid weather and to keep the van clean. The soles could be quickly added for trips across campsites to the sanitaire block. Ideal. But, oh, the price!

By the time that finances had eased a little and I was ready to invest in my Mahabis, they had been redesigned with fixed soles and without the collapsible heel. I had entirely missed the slipper boat due to my fiscal prudence. But I was not the only one to have shot myself in the slippers because, dear Mahabis, those slippers are now worth far less to me than the price ticket demands.

Very cosy, ridiculously festive.

Still waiting for my perfect slippers and having taken to wearing outdoor footwear in the house, I invested in some slipper socks when we were up in the Pyrenees recently. I am keeping them for use in the van, even though it appears that we shall not be going anywhere this winter. I made an exception for Christmas Day, in order to photograph them in use.

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