December Reflections 25: Love is…

Love is… encouraging me to be myself and to learn, to thrive and to blossom

Love is… walking the dog in the pouring rain and telling me to stay in bed

Love is… whispering at the dead of night that I am gorgeous

Love is… driving the half hour to town to collect a takeaway meal so that I can put my feet up on Date Night

Love is… putting me first and foremost and,,,

Love is… wanting me to come first

Love is… wanting me to have whatever it is that I desire

Love is… buying me silk sari skirts and…

Love is… the twinkle in your eye when I twirl about in that silk sari skirt

Love is… driving over a thousand kilometres home from Spain because I feel more comfortable in my own place

Love is… in the way that you touch me

Love is… the cup of coffee that arrives at my bedside every morning of my life

Love is… desiring me no matter how old, saggy, baggy or wrinkled I become

Love is… is understanding my need for purple hair

Love is… cutting and dyeing my hair because I don’t like going to a hairdresser

Love is… doing the hoovering, filling and emptying the dishwasher and…

Love is… cleaning and lighting the fire even though you are warm enough, because it is me that is cold

Love is… understanding that housework makes me weep real tears of frustration

Love is… eating up a meal that has gone horribly wrong

Love is… telling me not to bother ironing that shirt

Love is… being faithful, come what may

Love is… everything

and Love is also …. loving you right back.

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