December Reflections 24: One Year Ago

One year ago today we were in Portugal, staying on the campsite at Sagres – at The End of The World.

Sagres has become one of our favourite destinations, possibly our most favourite. It is a wonderful place in which to spend the darkest days of the year. The sun does not always shine and in fact last year we saw a quantity of rain but we came away after a month, feeling as though we had been basking in eternal sunshine.

Looking back towards Sagres

We walk a great deal when we are at Sagres and last year we had bicycles with us that we made good use of.

Out with the bikes

The 24th saw us out in the scrub, walking the dog. I tried to take some photographs of the many wildflowers but had failed to fit the best lens for that job.

Later, we walked into town for a curry. The curry in Sagres is the best that we have had this side of Bradford. Always a big treat to visit Holi Diwali.

The sea at Sagres is simply glorious

On the 25th we followed our tradition of packing some tasty sandwiches and going for a long walk, well away from everybody. In the past we have disappeared up a mountain or trekked along a lonely shore. No mountains at Sagres though, and last year the tide was in for lunch. When we reached our chosen “deserted beach” we found it to be actually quite busy. We struck out inland and found a quiet spot for our picnic.

Lunch stop

After three winters in Portugal we are finding that we are missing it very much indeed this year and are already looking forward to a post-Covid time, when we might go wandering again.

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