December Reflections 13: Reindeer

This prompt had me thoroughly stumped. Not many Renne around my little corner of France. I once saw one walking down the street in Kirkwall. It was on a leash and I wasn’t drunk – but that’s scarcely a relevant Reflection on 2020.

Saw these at Chatsworth a few years ago and they captured my imagination a little

I Googled a little, searched Wikipedia for inspiration… and I came up with this:

The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.—?Kivalliq region

I have a feeling that there is something in this saying that I ought to be able to link to the events of 2020. There is a sense, I believe, of this year having provided the strength that was necessary for getting through it. What it took with one hand, it gave with the other. I feel like a Survivor in more ways than one. I have gained some emotional toughness and also discovered a commitment to Life and the Living of it. I found a zest and a strong positivity that I think had previously gone unrecognised.

May I confess to the idea that I am now, at this year’s end, holding my breath, just putting one foot in front of the other, and hoping to get through to the terminus of 2020, unscathed? It’s contrary to my previous paragraph but I think, like so many others, I am just plain tired now. Being strong takes a lot of energy sometimes. Holding up another’s spirits is always more so. I am ready to rest, breathe out, and relax.

The Featured Image up at the top of this post is admittedly not a Reindeer. He looks more like a Red Deer to me. However, I also feel there is something in the fact that he is made of scrapped horseshoes and, let’s face it, the Reindeer aspect is getting well away from me.

If I can pull this together a little more: let’s scrap 2020 just as soon as we can and hope for rather more luck in 2021. There’s plenty of horseshoes there…

And I think it’s going to rain, dear.

Something to sing about soon, maybe

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