December Reflections 11: Ink

I had a fantastic collection of inks, fountain pens, ink pads, rubber stamps and so on before we sold up to go and live in our motorhome. I miss my stash enormously, though I did keep a few pens and some ink cartridges to use in writing about my travels (it never happened! too busy travelling and no time for writing.)

I could take a photo of those to share today but I was reminded yesterday about another form of ink…

I mentioned in a comment on the December Reflections FB group yesterday that I have long yearned for a tattoo (link to Prompt 7!) I know exactly what I want. It’s small and discreet and very different from any tattoo that I have ever seen.

I wish to be hallmarked and, in a direct link to prompt 9, I want to be stamped as Sterling Silver (the Lion Mark),

The tattoo that I desire would be ranged vertically up the inside of my left ankle – I am told that this is a painful location for a tattoo but I am becoming increasingly old and don’t want a tattoo that’s going to be somewhere wrinkly and saggy – or too in your face and visible. Tasteful, that’s me ;-).

It would look something like this (ignore the Mappin & Webb stamp)

but with one stamp above another rather than horizontally arranged: Assayed in Sheffield (the Crown mark). The Lion Rampant represents the Sterling Silver standard. The year mark for 1953 is an L in a shield. Interestingly I could, as a Coronation Babe, add in the Queen’s Head to my set.

Should I do it? Get Inked?

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