Custard is Red

Oh, yes, Custard is red. Very, very red. Just like the Crimson Lake in my paint boxes when I was a nipper.

I got some time in on my mitts this afternoon. The mohair is slow going and my new DPNs are just the right length to keep tangling in my sleeves but… I think I am having fun anyway. I like the fabric, I love the colour, and I know these will be extremely cosy.

I am on the thumb gusset of the first mitt and found myself stumped for a while. I suppose the pattern is good enough for anybody who has knitted some kind of glove before. I haven’t. And I had to scratch my head a bit before understanding that the pattern is clearly incorrectly written – or, more accurately, insufficiently written. In short: to a glove noob or an idiot (I am both) – it just does not make sense.


Repeat Round 9, but a little different: *K1, M1, K5, ssk, K2, K2tog, K2, M1, K1*  K1, M1, K2, ssk, K2, K2tog, K5, M1, K1, repeat section between **, [K1, place marker, M1, K1, M1, place marker, K1].  50 stitches total.

Continue in Dragon Scale Stitch Pattern, inserting the phrase between the brackets [], at the end of each odd-numbered round (substituting the bracketed phrase for the final “K3”). Continue until there are 17 stitches between the ring markers, ending with a pattern round.

Does it?

So, I am knitting [K1, pass marker, Make 1, knit up to next marker, Make 1, pass marker, K1] thereby gaining two stitches per increase round. These increases to be ever wider apart, until 17 stitches lie between the markers. Which seems logical to me and I hope that it is correct.

Photos when the gloom lifts.

Custard at Ravelry

Dragon Scale Mitts at Ravelry

Dragon Scale Mitt pattern at Purlbee

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