I have done nothing useful today other than to clean the fridge, which was a shamefully large task. Apart from that I have made a new contact in Luxembourg and spent rather a lot of time on Yammer.

Mr L spent his day largely in the conservatory, sorting out angling gear and packing it into the RV.

I am not sure what to make of this, or what to think. Not once in all the time that we have been together (17 years) has he been fishing. He brought his tackle with him when he moved in and promptly stashed it all in my cellar. I have been apt to assume that fishing was his escape when in his previous relationship. I admit to some pride in the fact that such an escape has not been needed in his time with me.

Maybe he has grown tired of me!

I should like to believe that it is simply a matter of having more free time and looking for something to do with it.

But.. you know… maybe I should buck up my ideas a little. Perhaps it is a good thing that I have a hair appointment booked for tomorrow 🙂

No, worry not, I shall not be turning all girly on you. It is a practical issue.

What else. Um… ah, yes, the necessary gizmo for transferring our music files from the lightning-struck Pi arrived today and all of our music now resides on a mahoosive USB drive, ready to take with us.  Also, I managed to convince Mr L that spending some time at Scotland’s Secret Bunker would be a good idea. He agreed and we emailed them to check that they would still be open and that Hank will fit in the car park. All is well. We shall visit on our way from Taste Perthshire to the caravan site at Anstruther and can fill in the necessary time until booking-in is permitted.  That means that the Saturday is now looking very attractive: Full Scottish at Taste Perthshire, drive off to the Secret Bunker and be a pair of overgrown schoolkid geeks, park up at Silverdyke, walk dog on beach, then tuck into a fish supper in Anstruther and maybe grab a beer.

Sounds like a…

Question: Anybody here have any proficiency with Sway and can spare five minutes to explain its utility to me, please?

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