Completely besotted

Who would ever have thought that knitting dinky squares would be so much fun and so absorbing? Not me! Anyway, I am totally besotted by my blankie and my mind was clearly working on it overnight as I woke up full of enthusiasm and ideas.

I need more colours!

One way that this can be achieved is to go back to last week’s intentions and do some UFO-bashing – after all, there are at least five sock projects on the needles and waiting to be finished. In addition I have a shawl to complete that will yield some Noro sock leftovers, and several pairs of sockweight mitts to bring to fruition as well.

The blankie is certainly fueling the intent to finish some socks – but that would take time away from the blankie itself. And where do I find the time to knit socks when I have to knit ten shawls this year, keep up with the Evenstar clues, and get this set of my own designs sorted out…. AND learn to be a productive spinner and weaver!

Could I double up laceweight yarn in my blankie? I expect so – there are no rules.

Impetus to complete some shawls?

Today I must abandon the blankie. I need to make a couple of cards and package up the Mother’s Day shawl for posting, clean cat trays and do some other humdrum stuff. I’ll return to my squares this evening. We plan to make a curry, light a fire and print off the Guardian crossword and then open a bottle of wine. Should be a very pleasant evening.

Blankie Status: 9 squares knitted, of which 6 are in the blankie. I even sewed some ends in.

There will be a Blankie Page very shortly – just as soon as I have taken a photograph and uploaded it.