Complete Madness

This is going to be a busy week, there will be little time for blogging I think.

Today sees week 2  of  The Secret Power of Brands. Last week was good, but I was surprised at just how much time that I put into it. I am considering re-thinking my Future Learn plans and cutting back on my enrolments for now. I shall see how Week 2 goes before reaching a decision.

I signed up for so many MOOCs as they were all so very exciting and I did not want to miss out on opportunities. Now that I have confidence that the courses will be re-run, I can afford to choke back a little (a lot?) Brands is under way, and I must do the programming one, so I may cut out the Mind is Flat. I don’t want to, as it looks so very interesting but I would rather do justice to it on a later presentation than give it scant attention now. A similar pruning to the remaining courses, to ensure that I have only two concurrent at any time, would be a far more sane approach than the present “I’ll do anything and everything!”, which is clearly complete madness.

Spinning Group is here this week, so I have much cleaning and tidying to do. If the chocolate couverture ever gets here I may be able to offer home-made chocolates instead of cake this week. That would be fun.

As I am studying this afternoon, it’s a soup day today. I was thinking perhaps Celery and Almond. That should leave time to get some other stuff done this morning. One thing that will not be happening is the drying of my laundry. The weather remains very damp and dismal up here in the isles. I am fighting the urge to deploy the tumble dryer, I try to use it only in the most dire of situations. Oh, if only we could have a wind turbine installed!

Mr L’s week began with a telephone conference call at 09:00. He is now waiting for meeting number 2. It is a sign of how this week is heading – he was supposed to be going to the GP this morning.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment on my Trifecta scribbles this past week. I am feeling very abashed that I have not been able to get out and about and do my own visiting and voting. I realise that I do not have the time in my life at the moment. I want to keep pushing myself to write and I do enjoy the wonderful Trifecta community very much indeed. For now I shall try to use the prompts and produce something, but not link it in unless I know that I can do my share of critique. I shall feel better about that.

Can I recommend other aspiring scribblers to try Trifecta? As I said, the people are wonderful and the critique is generous (but useful). The standard of writing is high, far higher than many other on-line challenges,  and much may be learned from the participants. Best of all, Trifecta is fun. I like the 33 word weekend  Trifextra best – it teaches me much about editing my words down to the ones that really count. If only I could rigorously apply that principle here, we should all be the better off for it! I know, I ramble.

Got to go. See you later in the week.

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