Committed (or I should be)

Today has been something of a roller coaster ride. The big news is this – I have committed:

I've been and gone and done it
I’ve been and gone and done it

The OU replied to my enquiry this morning, basically to say that I needed to phone them. I did just that and was very happy to find myself speaking to the same person who had sent the email. He was very helpful, friendly and supportive. We ran through the counselling bit and agreed what I wanted. He then ran through the funding questions, thus ensuring that when my application goes in there will be no hitches. He reserved my place on the module and set up my registration on the database and I went into the web site, printed off my registration form and signed it then printed off a funding form from the Student Awards Agency Scotland, filled that in, provided proof of income and packaged the whole lot up in an envelope… which is now ready to post.

That was not the whole of it either… I did my Annual Tax Return and also arranged to pass  part of my Tax Allowance to my other half.

Mr L was doing his Tax Return when the broadband went. We waited for it to return. It did not. I think that we may assume that F*j*ts* have pulled the plug. We are now on the mobile Wi-Fi and it is pretty slow by comparison. This is pretty much the end of movies on Netflix and games on Facebook. We’re alright to the end of this month as our bandwidth has scarcely been touched until now, so we have a few days of plenty before the drought sets in.

Expect smaller images.

The keener-eyed reader might have noticed the start date for my course – it is the 1st October.  Luckily the OU had extended the deadline for funded applications to be the 6th September. So, if you wish to follow suit, there remains time in which to give it a go.

I was careful to enquire about the delivery of course materials. They are couriered, so my Royal Mail redirection won’t be of any use. As I am late in registering, my mailing will be at the back of the queue and is not likely to be sent out prior to the third week in September. I have arranged for it to go directly to Kippford, where we hope to arrive by the 3rd of the month. There you have it; I shall be behind from the outset – but will not be idle.  Set books etcetera are winging their way from Amazon as we speak and I have set up a OneNote notebook in which I am amassing bookmarks to relevant materials and sources. I’ll keep the details for another post and will keep such matters from now on to the Learning category. If this stuff is entirely boring to you. just read the Dear Diary category instead and I will do my best not to tag any Learning posts under that one from now on.

May I just say that I am very excited. In fact I am excited that I am excited. It is so very good to be keen on the idea of learning again. This time around I shall be careful not to overdo it and burn out.

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