Coming and going

Yesterday was an odd one. I woke about 6am with a post-Kirkwall headache, took some painkillers and slept it off until just after 9am. My plan was to spend a lovely calm and soothing morning with my spinning wheel and then tackle some remedial knitting later on (an Urchin.) Just a few urgent-ish  things to do on my computer first of all. Alas, the best laid plans…

I booted up. My PC reported that the backup had failed again and blamed it on a disk fault. I will spare you the ups and downs of the process but suffice to say that disk checking took until mid-afternoon. Then there was the defrag.

My head and eyes were too sore to tackle the lace scarves that I am knitting for a commission – and besides, the pattern is in my pooter and that was inaccessible for most of the day. What to do, while my hard disk fluttered and whirred? My eye fell first on my ferry knitting, left on the desk after the trip to town. I’d got the first sock to the toe, so I got Mr L to check it for size and then polished the toe and grafting off.

After lunch (a delicious king prawn stir fry) I pondered again what to do. I had the yarn by my side and was itching to make the Urchin, but my computer was still only 50% of the way through yet another disk check… I cast about and I spotted the Aestlight shawl, ready to attach the edging. So I sat and edged, and dreamed of Autumn leaves and forest walks.

The edging was going so well that when my computer was fixed and ready to work, I just carried on with my knitting and planned to get to my computer stuff later. I caught up on Masterchef on my iPlayer while I was doing so, so failed to notice that Broadband had gone down until Gill rang to see if ours was broken as well as hers. Broadband remained broken until past my bedtime — the day ended with most of my planned work left undone. However, I did find myself with one completed sock and a completed shawl — neither of which I had been expecting, so a strange day turned into a productive one.

A shawl, a sock, and an infant (very) Urchin

The weather is not nice today, it would be a good day to spin and knit so I may have yesterday today… We’ve been and done the shopping and have planned a Mushroom Dopiaza (Mr L) and Puri (Mrs L) for dinner as I scored one of those marvellous Value packs of mushrooms in Tesco on Thursday. I cannot block the shawl because my blocking kit is out on loan… “No hurry,” I said “I have absolutely no knitting plans that involve blocking inthe near future.” Ah! I am collecting the kit on Wednesday, so maybe the shawl will be blocked and ready for beauty shots for this coming Friday FO post.

Still feeling fragile, so the lace can wait another day or two. I really do feel driven to make an Urchin. I’ll also be casting on the second sock so that it is ready to take on the boat when we go to town next week.

Tomorrow is for cleaning out the chooks and making adaptations to their coop – Mr Greenfrog sent us his latest problem solving kit today. Let us hope that the wind eases a little.