Cloud 9

I could have sworn that I was not going to have a Thursday Thrill to post this week but, lo – the advent of the postie brings…

Inca Cloud.

RED Inca Cloud.

Pure alpaca Double Knitting yarn.

And it was an advantageous price too.

Just three balls, for a small project that I have planned.

What can I say? This could be the stuff that converts me to DK. It is simply amazing. Soft, cuddly, rich, sift, deep dyed, soft. Did I mention how soft it is?

I cannot believe that they have discontinued this stuff. Crazy.

There’s still quite a lot of it out there at reduced prices – I have seen it at as little as £3 for 50g. I’d say everybody should dash out to get some right now before it all goes. Knit yourself something small but perfect. I’m thinking cowls, mitts… a scarf if you can score sufficient in a single dye lot. Try Hejhog for a reasonable range of shades at £3.59

Me? I am having a red hat. To wear when I am old. It is a superbly inappropriate design for a woman of my years.

Next up – a purple sweater. Oh, yes.

Inca Cloud comes in a lovely Damson shade, actually…

Now, how do I avoid running off to find needles to cast this yarn on to? Must.finish.the.hap.first.

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