It probably would not be politic to mention this to ‘im (not presently) indoors but I do seem to be rather enjoying myself. Freed from the routine of endless meals and cups of coffee, I am able to delve into some of the grimier corners and I now find myself wallowing in an unaccustomed state of hygiene. The overwhelming smell of chlorine is testament to my efforts – I am one of those who never feel something is properly clean unless it has been liberally doused in Domestos and I have ruined a number of t-shirts in the process.

I have had three loads of laundry through the washer, and the same number of loads through the dishwasher. I have rearranged and vacuumed the sitting room. I have played out with the dogs several times. And I have knitted. I also made bread and prepared some of tomorrow’s meal. I even made time for eating lunch and to tell the BBC Trust what I think of TV Licensing’s methods. Oh, and I cleaned the deep fat fryer (in readiness for a batch of onion bhajis.)

The dogs seem to be missing Mr L more than I am, and little Nell the most of all. She has spent the day curled up in a tight little ball on Mr L’s pillow. I confess that it will likely be a different story come bedtime. This is the first time that he has been away from home in the nine years that we have been together. Sleep may not come easily. Nell may have competition for cuddling that pillow.

It’s Craft Club this evening. I will take my Hypotenuse with me and seek input on whether to lengthen it any further. At fifteen repeats, it is perfectly long enough. If I had more yarn left over I would certainly stop now and knit a matching hat. But I have just 40 grams left in the final ball and I think a hat may not be possible, so I may add extra length to the wrap as I am not sure what 40 grams will be good for otherwise.

Nothing has been done on the Rainbow Swallowtail but I fear that to be too complex to work on without accident at Craft Club. It will have to wait. I am taking yarn for another Urchin, in case I terminate the Hypotenuse.

I seem to have accidentally begun another Swallowtail. I mean it – it took me completely by surprise when it launched itself onto my needles. I hadn’t been conscious of any plans to produce another one.

Oh, and my Antique Hubby is on its way to me already. I had mail from the vendor and she tells me that she posted it 1st Class Recorded. It should be here soon, then.

Anybody know where I can get some Eucalan? I have run out and I can’t find any on eBay in the UK.