Nell was a real trouper at the pub this evening. You’d have thought that she had been going for  a pint every night for her whole life. I was able to remove her lead and she sat by the side of our table, good as gold. She appreciated the chips very much indeed.

I may have underestimated earlier my movement in the direction towards fitness. I tried wearing my red shirt shortly before we left home and the front gaped alarmingly. Today I have that same shirt on and am wearing it with complete modesty. So. Real progress.


I still will not be unhappy until my pants are falling off 🙂

The sun is still with us. The site here looks wonderful with late flowering shrubs and autumnal leaves. There is even a late flowering Rhododendron, or perhaps it’s just a second flush now that I see that bud forming…


Rhodies not your thing? Maybe a Hydrangea will cheer your day?



  1. Anna Halford
    October 7, 2016

    More photos of Nell, please… 🙂

    • October 7, 2016

      Could be difficult, Anna – Nell is very camera shy and usually hoofs it when the lens turns in her direction. She’s not very happy today, was attacked this morning by a very nasty mutt

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