Catching up (soon)

The blog has been suffering lately. It’s not that I am not willing, just that more important things have been taking up my time. I’m going to make a real effort to catch up soon, and to keep updating. There are a few FOs to document, some forward plans to think about out loud, some purchases to review, and the usual excessive number of WIPs to wail about. Spinning is increasingly begging for some of my time and I am hoping to generate time and space in which to knuckle down to some serious spinning soon. Weaving is on hold until the sitting room stove is installed and the redecoration completed (such as that is – we’re not planning on going mad.)

Once the sitting room is fit to be seen again I shall be able to host Spinning Group once more. There will be cake and there will be Spinning Cake Posts. I think that there may be a series of Soup Posts throughout the winter too…

Overall, I am trying to decrease the amount of calls on my time and to release more time in which to do the things that I truly enjoy. Increasingly I sense that means doing those things, rather than writing about them – yet writing is one of the things that I truly enjoy when I do take it seriously. I shall endeavour to make the blog a better read! Photos too – photography is a long-standing love of mine. I want to make more time for that, to learn more, and to produce some blog photography of high quality – far fewer rushed snaps.

Them’s the plans.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I still have work beckoning me. Some matters to deal with over the next couple of weeks – then I am hoping that the long dark winter will offer me plenty of hours of “me” time.

See you then. We shall start with a long ramble of things I would like to be doing, if only each day had 36 hours in it. Until then, I’ll Tweet.


  1. October 30, 2009

    How strange! I pop in for the first time in weeks (computer trouble) and find you voicing the very same feelings that I’ve got at the moment. Too many calls on my time, too much that I want to do for myself. Feeling I should be blogging some more reflective entries, but that takes time too. Hard to prioritise. Good luck with it, and hopefully you will get some cosy, indoor, fibre craft time all to yourself. Hope all is well there on your island.

    • November 1, 2009

      Hello, Carole. It’s good to see you, you have been missed. I visited your blog this weekend too, though failed to leave a message – but am wishing you well with this important year. I’d love to come and see your Final show if only I could…

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