Catch up

I had a rude awakening this morning and thus some extra time today in which to catch up. I seem to be in that mode again where there is simply not enough time to fit everything in. As ever, I would far rather be doing than just talking about it and thus the blog suffers. The tumbleweed is blowing and it’s time for a quick broom!

I was woken this morning by the sound of a dog vomiting. I was too hazy to recognise which one and so I threw them both outside and turned myself to the clean-up task. Lord only knows what that dog had been eating but the residue was thick and gelatinous and very dark, immediately staining the carpet. I was glad that it was not yet fully light and that the bedroom lighting is so poor – truthfully, I did not wish to know! I went to wring out my cloth and returned to find that Mr L had let the dogs back in again. He made a sound of disgust and I asked if he had found some that I had missed. Yes, he said, he’d trodden in a huge pile of it. I looked around the door and remarked that no, I had not missed that, it was fresh. Bless him, he recognised his error in letting the dogs back in again too soon and pitched into the job for me.

Since then I have been wandering about in a daze. I’d had a poor night anyway with the world falling out of my bottom at regular intervals (sorry, TMI, I know) and vivid disturbing dreams. I’m non-functioning and cannot muster my thoughts or articulate properly. What a time to choose to update the blog.

Where did we get up to, when did I last post and what do we already know?

Right – I was mentioning photographs and potential new cameras. Well, I ordered the camera last Sunday evening.  A little scary, as it is a grey import. I’ll do the detail in my photo blog and simply mention that the camera left Hong Kong on Wednesday, arrived at Heathrow yesterday and has since entered and left East Midlands. Now the long part of the journey begins! After much stormy weather, today is pleasant (though sharp!) if this continues and all boats sail, I may have my camera next Wednesday. I cannot see it being here for this Saturday’s delivery.

The camera comes from a company called DigitalRev. I registered on their site, which offers social networking for photographers and gallery space. I have spent much of this week in uploading photographs to my albums there and in “meeting” some new people. When not busy with that task I have managed to paint my new spinning chair and help to assemble a new spinning wheel. There have been site updates for Sanday Spinners and an unusually high level of admin and correspondence for the business too – we seem to be in a  busy spell. On top of that, I am continuing my 365 photo project and have made it to Day 38 without pause. That said, I have NO idea what to do for 38. None at all! I must get to my researching soon – something which, along with the shots themselves is taking up an inordinate amount of my time. I may have to stop and just upload any old shot for the remainder of the year.

Breads have been baked, soups have been made – though nothing notable to write about here. The picture is of yesterday’s garlic and herb baguettes. They were extremely good and may well be the best bread I have baked to date. The electric proofer has revolutionised my bread-making this winter and I am so glad that we lashed out on it.

Oh dear, the UPS is making clicking noises. That usually presages a longer interval of use. All the wind we have had and the power remained on, now on this lovely day it sounds like we have a dodgy supply. I think I’ll go and make coffee whilst I can.

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