Going, going, gone

Busy day today, packing Brunhilde and selling stuff. Spent a fun half hour watching the late bidding on Mr L’s model railway items. Totally forgot that it meant that I shall have to sally forth to the Post Office tomorrow. Ah, well, I can go to the bottle bank and maybe pick up my prescription at the same time. I hope the petrol in the tank is sufficient…

My violin went today, and also one of Mr L’s amps. Two soft toys have been promised new homes and I’ve put some stuff in Brunhilde to give to various people on our travels. My reflector kit is going to my sister-in-law and I have a big bag of goodies to swap for something very special when I get to Gloucester. I’ve also been listing some pictures, mainly to sell the frames.  The kitty is swelling and I think we may have a reasonable holiday after all.

Spring seems to have arrived on Sanday. Teddy certainly thinks so. He almost never goes outside these days but does like a little wander when the first Spring sunshine appears. Somehow he found this year’s sun because we were alerted to his presence outside the conservatory door this afternoon. Neither of us had let him out so I think he must have done a runner via the utility room door whilst I was out in my caravan rummaging for yarn to swap.

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