Busy busy busy

Life is getting in the way. Never fear, I plan to return later with Show and Tell for this week. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this pile of skeins that is currently engaging my attention

Spun by Jean

These were all spun by a member of our spinning group. The skeins were on sale at the Autumn Fair on Saturday and today I am adding them to the Sanday Spinners website — due to be re-launched shortly, and presently forming a large part of the Life thing  that is getting in the way…

Got to dash – Mr L is about to begin his second conference call of the day and I must vacate the office so that he may use the speaker phone. Yes, effectively, I am being put on Mute. I shall be in my workroom, counting loops on skeins to determine yardage. If only I knew how long the niddy noddy was that made them…. please, I do not wish to reskein them in order to measure them. That way madness lies.

See you soon.

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  1. October 5, 2010

    Just run a tape measure around the loop of the skein…. it’s usually a round figure in either cm or inches depending on the maker so that means you can work out how long the niddy noddy was.
    I always go for cautious measuring anyway, mind you if you’re selling them, maybe being precise might be better?

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