Every so often something inexplicable comes over me and I disappear into the kitchen to spend an entire morning preparing our midday meal. Today was one of those days and my morning culminated in serving a fine example of a Goats’ Cheese and Caramelised Onion Tart. We had new potatoes and a cabbage salad with it. Very, very nice.

The weather remains pretty horrible here and worse is to come yet, with possible snow later and tomorrow. Last night we experienced the novelty of the whole of Orkney being minus power for a brief period. A whole bunch of battery powered lighting solutions have been ordered today. That should ensure that we get no more power cuts this winter 🙂

I feel very cold and miserable today and can scarcely type. I must make myself some fingerless gloves soon.

Confirmation of my job interview came this morning, together with details of the presentation required. Five to ten minutes – no Powerpoint, no OHP. That is quite some challenge! Talking for ten minutes with no prompts and nothing to point at (i.e. nothing to do with one’s hands) … EEK! Anyway, it’s on the 11th November, at 11:30. Some time to prepare, at least. Maybe insufficient to memorise a whole presentation though! I shall most likely be awful…

I did have a brief moment’s inappropriate hilarity when I paused to wonder if an 11am appt. has been made for another candidate. The idea of an interview beginning with two minutes’ silence cracked me up for some reason probably only my warped mind could fathom.

There is talk again of selling the house and downscaling once more.

The Lightsoutis version of the Clapotis scarf progresses. No progress to report on other projects, and little will exists to pick them up. Generally speaking it’s one of those days when all I want to do is crawl back under the duvet.

It’s Craft Club night tonight. I really don’t feel as though I have sufficient energy to get myself ready to go out. Maybe I’m coming down with a virus. Spinning is here on Wednesday so I had better perk myself up by then. I have to make chocolate brownies tomorrow in readiness. I should prepare something gluten-free too. Mr L has a 2 hour meeting on Wednesday morning so I shall be needing to manage all the dogs and to usher ladies and their wheels in and out of the house in relative quietness…

…and then the week will be mostly over once again!

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